The Next Level

Spring 2016 Alumni Roundup

An update on the Trojan alumni who competed intercollegiately and professionally in the Spring 2016 season.

Competing beyond high school

Nationwide, only about 6% of high school athletes continue their playing careers in the NCAA. At Walsingham, 18% of the athletes in the last three senior classes committed to continue their playing careers at the next level. Below are the Walsingham graduates who made the leap over the past decade.


Beau LeJeune ('16): University of Tampa

Thomas Chisam ('15): James Madison, Cal U (PA)

Collan Cryts ('14): Marymount University

Dylan Cheely ('12): Wofford College

Basketball, Boys

Dusan Vicentic ('16): West Virginia Wesleyan University

Richard Washington ('16): Wake Forest University

Kai Brown ('15): Richard Bland College

Billy Barnes ('14): Catholic University

Miguel Kissoon ('14): Mary Washington University

Brandon LaRose ('13): Hampden-Sydney College; Muhlenberg College

Mitch Owens ('12): Hampden-Sydney College

Corey Brown ('12): Randolph College

Jayce Beck ('11): Roanoke College

Keenan Brown ('09): Randolph-Macon College

Ben Leatigaga ('06): United States Military Academy at West Point (Army)

Stephan Coy ('05): Virginia Wesleyan University

Tomas Pranciliauskas ('05): Pepperdine University

Basketball, Girls

Kelly Korkowski ('08): Colgate University

Greta Luksyte ('06): UNC-Wilmington


Luke Yehlen ('10): University of Minnesota

Marina Nanartovich ('09): United States Naval Academy

Cross Country, Boys

Cody Carpenter ('17): Randolph College

Chris Correll ('17): Randolph College

Adam Link ('12): Longwood University

Cross Country, Girls

Alisa Wash ('17): Sweet Briar College

Reilly Pieri ('14): Saint Mary's College, (IN)

Danielle Moore ('04): Bridgewater College

Field Hockey

Rachel Clancy ('16): Mary Washington University

Abby Cryts ('15): Christopher Newport University

Micayla Gallacio-Rowe ('13): Christopher Newport University

Emily Smith ('12): Wake Forest University

Sydney Encarnacion ('10): Radford University

Sarah Smith ('10): Christopher Newport University

Morgan Jones ('08): Mary Washington University

Jayme Varco ('08): University of Louisville

Jamie Mulhare ('07): University of Virginia


Patrick Scheil ('06): Southern Illinois University

Lacrosse, Boys

Cameron Setian ('10): Franklin & Marshall College

Andrew Setian ('08): Franklin & Marshall College


Taylor Gray ('06): Christopher Newport University

Soccer, Boys

Jokubas Uznys ('17): Bucknell University

Kelau Smith ('17): Randolph College

Jeff Bolton ('11): Anna Maria College

Connor McGregor ('10): Gonzaga University

Rocky Mullenax ('04): Christopher Newport University

Soccer, Girls

Christine McBeath ('16): St. John's College

Kristin Davenport ('08): University of Vermont

Katie Carr ('07): University of Virginia

Claire Burke ('05): Wofford College

Kasey Davenport ('03): George Mason University

Swimming, Boys

Austin Jennings ('15): Washington & Lee University

Tom Nanartowich ('12): Virginia Military Academy

Will Hartmann ('04): Washington & Lee University

Swimming, Girls

Caroline Hartmann ('07): North Carolina State University

Kate Murphy ('06): Colgate University

Katie Duff Zenger ('03): Randolph-Macon College

Tennis, Girls

Emily Bowerman ('17): Mary Washington University

Lauren Mills ('10): Christopher Newport University

Clare Spooner ('09): University of Virginia

Track & Field, Girls

Lisette Brondyke ('15): Christopher Newport University

Erin O'Connell ('13): Queens University of Charlotte

Erin Mearns ('05): University of Richmond

Heather Gerum ('04): St. Joseph's University


Lejla Topcic ('17): Marshalltown College

Jenna Hamra ('15): Bridgewater College

Maggie Harris ('14): Methodist University

Hope Leatigaga ('08): Campbell University

Felicia Flaum ('07): Marymount University

Laura Hayes ('06): Roanoke College

Jill Nowadly ('05): The College of William & Mary

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