Trojan Media gives Walsingham students the chance to gain real world skills in a range of digital media, including photojournalism and videography. Among the flagship productions are Walsingham's Upper School yearbook The Legende and the bi-weekly news program Walsingham Today.

Media Production & Design

Media Production & Design is a project-based course in which students create and edit videos for Academy-wide productions including bi-weekly news program Walsingham Today. The course focuses on the fundamentals of multimedia productions and is be approached from various points-of-view including, design, usability, technique, and purpose. Emphasis is placed on manipulation of graphics, text, music, audio and video to create digital media presentations with a variety of authoring tools.


The Upper School Photojournalism course is charged with producing the annual edition of The Legende, the Upper School yearbook that dates back to 1953. Students take engaging pictures, write the copy, and design the layout for the yearbook, giving them real world experience with Adobe Creative Suite.