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The Arts

Our award-winning arts program exists as a vehicle to provide all students the opportunity to express themselves through a variety of artistic forms.


Dramatic Arts

All the school's a stage for students at Walsingham. Our dramatic arts program is filled with opportunities for students to express themselves creatively and emotionally through our well-rounded curriculum and critically-acclaimed stage performances.

Visual Arts

The Visual Arts program at Walsingham Academy is a comprehensive arts education for all students from Pre-K through 12th Grade, giving students the opportunity to explore different mediums and techniques through a series of different art programs and courses that allow for the growth and development of artistic expression.

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Musical Arts

Walsingham's Musical Arts program is an integral part of our community, with students of all ages taking part. The program includes band, orchestra, and chorus, but extends beyond singing and playing an instrument, as the studying music is linked to increased performance in general intelligence, memory, literacy, and numeracy.

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Trojan Media

Trojan Media gives Walsingham students the chance to gain real world skills in a range of digital media, including photojournalism and videography. Among the productions are Walsingham's Upper School yearbook The Legende and the bi-weekly news program Walsingham Today.

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