The Musical Arts program is an integral part of our community at Walsingham. With opportunities for continued learning and greater understanding of the study of music for students from Prekindergarten through Graduation, our students are able to have amazing experiences, such as performing for the Pope and at the Olympics.


Students in their first year at Walsingham engage daily in musical experiences as singing, dancing, and playing instruments. Pre-kindergartners perform as a group periodically for their parents and other students, culminating in their performance at the Fine Arts Festival each spring.




Lower School

Students in Grades K-7 take music once a week, where they are exposed to singing and musical instruments. Students in Grades 4-7 have the additional options of participating in Hand Bells, Band, and the Lower School Musical Performance Group.




Upper School

Students have the option of participating in the Upper School Chorus and Instrumental Ensemble. Outstanding singers in Grades 11 & 12 are eligible to try out for The Madrigals, the world-traveled chorus.