Drama is an expressive art form that develops our students' artistic and creative abilities, and the Dramatic Arts program is one of Walsingham's flagships. In addition to a well-rounded curriculum, two critically acclaimed performances are staged each with year with students of all ages taking part.


Preschool students have dramatic experiences as they portray characters in both fiction and non-fiction tales they have read related to the daily in-depth investigations related to real world topics which facilitates their meaningful engagement in areas of Literacy (Reading and Writing), Math, and Science.

Lower School

Lower School students are eligible to try out for the Academy's two main stage productions: the annual Fall Play and Spring Musical. Students in Grades 6 and 7 have the option of taking Public Speaking and Drama, introducing the dramatic arts in a classroom setting.




Upper School

All Upper School students are introduced to drama as part of the Fine Arts Curriculum. From there, students have the option of pursuing Theatre I & II, Musical Theatre, and Theatre III & IV. Tryouts for the annual Fall Play and Spring Musical are open to all Upper School students.