Tuition & Affordability

At Walsingham, we want every prospective student to have extraordinary opportunities to join us.  Our commitment to accessibility and affordability ensures that our WA community is full of great students from all economic backgrounds. 

A Walsingham Academy education is an investment in a student’s future, and we will partner with you in your child’s future every single step of the way.  We extend this partnership inside and outside the classroom, and it begins with the admission process.  Just as all of our students receive one-on-one encouragement and guidance from our faculty and counselors, WA’s admissions department will help you navigate your next steps toward financial assistance.  You will receive individualized guidance from our admissions team during the entire process.

If you believe you may need financial assistance to afford Walsingham, we encourage you to apply.  You can start your financial assistance application by clicking on the FACTS link below. We are always here to assist and support you with any questions you may have.    


Frequently Asked Questions