In the rapidly changing world around us, one thing that has remained constant over the past thirty years is the ever-evolving presence of technology in our lives. At Walsingham we ensure that all of our students gain a thorough understanding of age appropriate technologies.

School-Wide Technology Policies

Technology is integrated throughout our curriculum through our 1-to-1 student-iPad classrooms in the Lower School and the Bring Your Own Device classrooms in the Upper School. Guided exposure to the latest technology advancements allow the students to utilize resources to supplement their classroom activities and expand upon their learning. Students are taught to embrace the technology as a tool, an implement for furthering of understanding and learning and not simply as the way to get answers.

Our philosophy continues our focus as a college preparatory academy, one where we ensure that our students gain the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the world of higher education, and teaches transferrable skills that will prepare students for the prevalence of technology in the modern workplace after their education.