Mercy Education

Mercy Education

A graduate of Walsingham Academy is a person of dignity, a person of influence, a person of compassionate service, a person of achievement, a person of Mercy.


A Curriculum Grounded in the Tradition and Values of the Sisters of Mercy

Walsingham Academy, as a school founded by the Sisters of Mercy, incorporates the Mercy core values into the everyday academic experience of a college preparatory academy. By doing so, Walsingham prepares students to be successful not only in the academic world, but also to be thoughtful and caring members of society outside of school.

Walsingham Academy is a nationally recognized Blue Ribbon School of Excellence serving grades Pre-K through 12th grade. Walsingham Academy focuses not only on the academic preparation, but on educating the whole child; including varied extracurricular activities and grade-level service projects to extend the Mercy values beyond the classroom.

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Mercy Core Values


Dignity both in regards to the manner that the student views themselves as well as their views and actions towards others.


Integrity in their academic endeavors, formally established in an honor code, and in their actions as a whole.

Spiritual Growth and Development

Spiritual Growth and Development: As a community of varied faiths Walsingham encourages students to self-explore and grow through their own spiritual journeys while being guided by experienced faculty.


Respect in many varieties: for themselves, their peers, teachers and faculty, as well as all people as equal creations.


Hospitality towards others in a genuine welcoming and caring manner.

Appreciation of Diversity

Appreciation of Diversity: Students are developing in a growing global community. It is imperative to learn how to appreciate each other's differences and support equality and respect for all.


Compassion in their thoughts and actions towards all people both within the school and out.


Justice and morality in life, and each person’s responsibility in society towards its achievement.


Service to the community and those beyond. All Walsingham students participate in service; whether it be grade-based projects at the Lower School or the mandatory service hours as part of the Upper School curriculum, every student gains an understanding and appreciation for doing good deeds for their fellow man.

Walsingham Academy is a member institution of the Mercy Education System of the Americas, a sponsored work of the Sisters of Mercy.