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As students make the journey from high school to college, they often face unforeseen obstacles and challenges. With a 100% college acceptance rate under our belt, Walsingham knows how to help students and their families navigate the twists and turns that can accompany the college search process. Therefore, we have created a "road map" to help students starting in 8th grade.

school Counseling department

More than just checking boxes, our school counselors function in a multi-faceted role, supporting the emotional and social needs of our student body. As licensed professional school counselors with advanced degrees, they address the whole student, preparing them mentally and emotionally for the demands of college. When it comes time for students to start their college search, our counselors will truly know them on a personal level.

Our Road Map

8th Grade Year

The focus of the Eighth grade year is ensuring a successful transition to the Upper School, both academically and socially. Students will work to develop organizational, study, and communication skills.

Freshman Year

Freshman year concentrates on goal setting, learning styles, career exploration, and laying the foundation for the college admission process.

Sophomore Year

Sophomore year continues to build upon previous guidance topics. The fall semester focuses on PSAT preparations and personal strengths as they are connected to college and career. Spring semester brings an introduction to college terminology and a college research project.

Junior Year

Junior year brings more in-depth and personalized exploration of the world of college admissions. Topics include college admissions testing, college fit and match, narrowing the college list, and writing the personal statement. Individual family college counseling appointments take place during spring semester.

Senior Year

Seniors are closely guided through the college admissions, financial aid, and scholarship processes. Spring semester looks forward to the transition to college and adulthood covering topics such as personal finance, independent living, and interpersonal communication.

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