Athlete Of The Week For 11/8-11/13: Hailey Diggs

This week’s Athlete of the Week is Hailey Diggs ’24 from the varsity field hockey team. Hailey has played field hockey for the Trojans for the last two seasons.

Last week, Hailey and her teammates competed in the VISAA Division II State Tournament as the #3 seed. Headed into the tournament, the team talked about the need to get as many shots on goal as possible, as scoring has been one area in need of improvement against comparable teams. In the quarterfinal game against Fredericksburg Christian, neither team was able to score for the whole first half. At halftime, the team got together and laid out their objectives for the second half, which included successfully rebounding the ball off a goalie clear. Hailey took this challenge and ran with it. During a corner, Hailey found herself out of her normal position but needed to stay involved in the play. After the goalie saved a shot from Noelle Kokolis, Hailey was there for the rebound. Hailey put the rebound shot away and her goal gave the Trojans the momentum they needed to eventually win the game 2-1 and advance to the semifinals.

On Thursday, Nov. 11, the team traveled to Fredericksburg Academy to face the #2 overall seed. The game started similar to the quarterfinal game, with neither team scoring for the duration of the first quarter. After the quarter, the team talked about how whenever they got the ball on the offensive end, it needed to result in a goal. Hailey, once again, took this to heart. Hailey ended up on a breakaway and dribbled the ball to the right side corner of the circle and had a 1-on-1 with the goalie. With a powerful shot, Hailey was able to place the ball in the left corner of the goal. This goal gave the Trojans the lead and the energy boost they needed to hang in the game. While the score did not end up in their favor, Hailey’s goal was a reminder to the team that they deserved to be in the semifinals and gave them the confidence to finish the game with pride. Hailey’s goal tied her with Nicole Hagopian as the team’s leading scorers with 10 goals each.

Hailey is a player who always has a positive attitude on any situation. Her teammates can rely on her to generate enthusiasm. Hailey has a sixth sense for hustle and never seems to tire. With this being only her second season playing field hockey, she has quickly picked up on the stick skills and strategy that she needs to be a successful forward. Coach Emily Mauk says, “I have no doubt that moving into next season, Hailey will be a player that we consistently look to for goal scoring, but also as a leader on our team.”

Congratulations Hailey, and Go Trojans!